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21 ways: Step 11 (Queen of Pentacles-RWS)

Nine of Pentacles:
Freedom – Restrained
Abundance with free will – Abundance but restrainment
As the sun rises (beginning of good times) – As the sun sets (end of good times)
Enjoying pleasures – Leaving it all behind
Tamed forcibly – Self-control
Overflowing – Contained

Page of Swords:
Messenger – Spy
Defensive – Attacking
Stand one’s ground – Prepare to flee
Storm is approaching – The storm is over
Alert – Hyper-vigilante
Cocky – Half-hearted
Clouded thoughts – Firm

The Chariot:
Water – Land
To embark – To return
Male – Female
In control – Going different ways
Well armored – Vulnerable
Progress – Stagnation
Elements of the day – Elements of the night
Moodiness – Good spirits

For Queen of pentacles (RWS):

Assigning the range of maximum liabilities and benefits for the extreme left and right:

Maximum pros for Queen of Pentacles: Thinking with a specific objective in mind (right hand extreme)
Maximum cons for Queen of Pentacles: A muddled thought process with non-surety about what next (left hand extreme)

Regarding the benefit meter as to where I feel right now, well I just observed that over the last three to four months my position has gradually changed. First I was say almost 75 degrees from the left hand extreme (minima). Today I would say I have gotten a definite direction to my thought process with regards to my objective. Maybe I am today just 5-10 degrees away from the extreme right(maxima)

Talking about how I would define the position where I am currently. Well over the last few months I think with the events happening, my thought process is growing more stronger and firmer towards the final objective. What at one time was aimless thinking is today “definitive thinking”. How would I spell it in a short sentence – approaching the goal with definitive work plan.


1. Move your arm until you get to the place you’d like to be. What meaning fits this place on the spectrum of possibilities?

As I said earlier I am just 5-10 degrees away from the maxima range, as opposed to what I was earlier. Time did this to me. And I am sure with passage of time and unfolding of events it will reach the maxima too.

2. What could move you from the current meaning to your preferred one ?

I don’t think there is anything specific that would make me move towards the maxima. With time I think I am travelling towards it (by default). Time is the best teacher, ain’t it??

3. What aspect(s) of the card do you need to align yourself with?

Rather than causing mental anguish to self by just thinking and contemplating, actually setting a goal and working towards it is always better. Have realized it not just as time passed, but also as certain events unfolded.

4. Is there an image in the card that could help?

Without doubt, I have always felt the Queen of Pentacles symbolized me throughout this study.

5. How can you use that?

The past few months have been trying for me. Its just that with passage of time, I felt the thought process of the Queen (and me, therefore) getting stronger towards the positive side
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