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Originally Posted by KariRoad View Post
Kabbalah (spellings of this are arbitrary, and often contested) is historically described as Jewish Mysticism. To truly grasp or understand Kabbalah, write on a piece of paper "Jewish Mysticism" and then realise that Kabbalah is thus (even to Jews) incomprehensible.

There is ultimately NO SUCH THING as Kabbalah. It is very likely a meme.

My studies brought me to the conclusion that Kabbalah is...
"every possible keyword imaginable run through a blender."

In other words, if all else fails, Kabbalah is the ultimate BS to hook ditsy suckers.
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I think we must differentiate between Kabbalah as Madonna and red strings and New Age instant enlightenment that pervades almost everything remotely non-scientific these days, and Kabbalah as it was originally intended. It is most certainly not a meme, not something the Kabbalah Center invented for celebrities; see it rather as another school of philosophical thought created by people in the Middle Ages. It exists as several books, schools of thought and in Israel is practically in the law-books. It has existed long before and will continue to be studied long after Madonna.

In any case I would be careful of dismissing anything in a Tarot forum and saying things do not exist since, by that line of thought, all of Aeclectic could and should be shut down. But of course we don't want that, do we
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