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Tuesday : )

Tuesday was a pretty interesting day : )

First I have to say I had this stone in my pocket and I just wanted to keep taking it out to hold it in my hands. It has a very soothing feel to it....very smooth and the blue-grey color is very soothing as well. In the sunlight it's very beautiful.....a real pretty light blue with what looks like white swirls beneath the surface.

I work outside so I looked up in the sky and noticed the clouds were very whispy. (not sure how else to describe them) Anyway I saw 2 angels up in the sky. It wasn't too long after this I noticed the line of color (mentioned in my previous post) up in the sky as well.

Tues. night I was relaxing and holding the stone with the fingers of both hands. I noticed a very strong vibration running through my fingers. I asked "Angie" on a whim if she was in the room with me to touch me on my right shoulder. I sat up so no part of my body was touching against anything and I held very still. I started to feel alot of pressure on my shoulder...almost like someone was pinching it and then what felt like a current of energy....not a shock but it reminded me of the electric(shock?) treatment I had years ago in physical therapy. The feeling was uncomfortable so I said to let go. The pressure and the energy went away. Then I asked if she could show me a sign so I would know when I need to pay attention to something. I didn't notice anything....I may try asking this again to see if I get a response.

I wanted to try one of the meditations I saved to my PC but I wasn't online so I just decided to meditate instead. I asked my angelite to help connect me to the angelic realm and I asked to meet my guardian angel. I was still holding the angelite between my fingers. The first thing I noticed was the pressure in (on?) my third eye. In all the times I've asked my third eye to open as well as actually holding a crystal on my third eye....I've never felt pressure as strong as this. Bright light kept fading in and out as I kept asking to meet my guardian angel. LOL I was hoping an angel would emerge from the light. I had read that angels rarely show themselves......its more that you can feel/sense their presence. So maybe that was it. I did end up with an awful headache.
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