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wow! That is awesome, Spiral! Clearly the crystal is working for you...

Weird about the cell phone thing on Wednesday, because on Tuesday I had a weird experience with my cell phone after buying a pendant made of Super Seven ;p my husband thought I had called, and called me back - just at the moment I was trying to remember what ring size he wore, standing in front of a cabinet full of rings at the crystal shop here. ;p

I think I will start studying mine here, too. You've inspired me

in your dream about the lens of the glasses popping out, and the glasses being washed for you, do you think that is some angelic presence trying to get you to see more clearly (washing the glasses) and that the lens popping out may signify that you need to look at things from a different angle, or use your spirit eyes and not your "glasses" eyes...? Also, washing them under running water - maybe telling you to reprogram the crystal, as that is commonly how we program, "wash the crystal under running water, and you may see something that will make your eyes pop out" lol! Just a thought ;p
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