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Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
I would love to take a pic but the only camera is on my cell phone : (

Pam O does make a good point. For the sake of the thread I was clarifying as I've worked with my guides but never the Angels but they could all very well be one in the same.
Well angels and guides are similar, you can work with angels if you work with your guides and they usually make themselves known when they want to pop in and teach you something or reassure you.

Selenite and Angelite are two stones I work with angel wise, I also have a piece of selenite in an exlir I use for clearing my energy or the room if I am being lazy.

Many suggest that angels at their personal guides, I personally doubt this because of the nature of the way they work, it's easier to speak to your guides in a daily level about mundane things like everyday life...where as an angel isn't so concerned with it, being they usually haven't been incarnated before and therefore don't know much about things like money etc.

So yes, and no, and then it's worth having a chat with the angels and feeling the difference in their energy
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