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The red glow brings to mind two ideas:

1. Blood Moon - AKA: Hunter's or Harvest Moon. Also, refers to a Moon with a reddish tinge.
- Vampires are hunters and harvesters of blood.
- Magicians need to "harvest" energy in order to direct and send it out into the World to make their magick. Also, the Full Moon (which this could be) is the most conductive time to work all magicks.

2. Mercury - the Astrological correspondence to the card.
- The surface of Mercury is similar to the Moon in texture, with craters and such. The physical relation to the Moon brings to mind magick, which is exactly what this Magician is practicing.
- Also, like the Moon (and Venus), Mercury can be seen from Earth as having phases.

ETA: What's interesting to note is that while the card has the traditional Tools/Elements present, there is also the inclusion of the white candle. A candle is another tool Witches/Magicians use in place of the Wand/Scepter to represent Fire. Both the Scepter of the suit of Fire is present, along with the physical Fire burning the Scepter from the Magician's touch. A white candle typically represents the God/Masculine energy; while a black candle (see The Priestess) is used to represent the Goddess/Feminine energy.
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