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Right hand means to Give something. Left hand means to Take something. She gives a birth to new life, she is pregnant and places Right hand to her tummy, and her left hand like a Torch. Torch - Ace of wands, association with male phallus. She is in upper Red dress. She had a sex, but she is on one-side sofa... but not double one. It means that she had a sex, she became pregnant but she does not sleep with a man at the same bed... May be time to time... Due to traditions of that time married couples had separate rooms and beds, sexual emotions are hidden behind red curtain. What has she got???? She has got the prestige and power of a married woman by means of the men. This sofa has one high arm. It means that the man she married is her "strong shoulder", he supports her in material way, he gave her Status (black shoes on her feet). Sexual manipulation gave her this High Status. Her position on this sofa is very cozy and stable.
But at the same time we can see white lower dress. In Victorian's times any woman considered like Clear one. She had to be Clear, specially on time when she was pregnant. She turned her right leg the protective way. It means while she is pregnant there would not be sex. At the same time she shows that she is serious married woman and there is no any intrigues aside. There is pillow on the floor with Venus sign. Pillow is the symbol of relax and enjoyment. She enjoys her position and her life. She has happy marriage. She succeeded in family life. She has become dependent on her husband, but an independent and autonomous in her actions.
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