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The Magician is my favorite card in this deck.
This Magician is so joyful. He is just alive and at one with his surroundings. I love him!

Also I've said it elsewhere, he reminds me of some kind of interior decorator! which is also a kind of magician.

The drums are at rest signifying the potential for vibration, sound vibration resonance and creative force. The word I'm looking for is latent energy. If you look everything is ordered in the card. It all is placed precisely. I could read this as anal retentive or even a bit neurotic, but it also speaks of having things available for when you need them.

It is interesting to me that the cup and pentacle are levitating. the sword and wand are in hand while the other objects fly about. he works in circle, and his hut is open to the world so he invites onlookers and he needs to be able to get to the world quickly as well.
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