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His name is Rodney We have the movie "Robots" and it's on play here all the time..

Funny... because the Queen of Pentacles reminds me of that evil mother.. one that is crushing all the old robots.

Yes! I totally see Rodney here.. an inventor.. creative. But the first thing I noticed is the mask.. why is she wearing a mask.. what is she hiding (I always refer to this page as her. But love the Rodney interpretation)

I also notice the mismatched shoes.. and the industrial landscape. I sense this page is about working for what you truly want but there's almost mechanical feel to it.. that her heart is not really invested into the project. I think she's missing the big picture.. because she is so focused on the coin in front of her.. she is still learning about value.. and although she works.. she has not yet mastered the path she has chosen.
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