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Am I a Marseilles-junky? Well, the first step to fight an addiction is to admit it, isn’t it?

I am not sure of how I would choose a deck if I was particularly interested in having a good and complete collection. I started with a Fournier deck, which I still think is great to work with, but not very attractive. I don’t like the colours, and too many details are lost or carelessly interpreted. But it is nice to begin with, if you want to actually read with the cards, and I will probably use it for a long time. Then I fall in love with the Camoin – Jodorowski deck, but latter found it to be a bit tricky… The Hadar deck is probably the most beautiful and the best modern Marseilles version available, for several reasons.

You will find many opinions about this decks in AT, if you do a search on the subject. Why don’t you start by reading Aecletic’s reviews on the different decks? The link to the Hadar deck is, and the Camoin – Jodorowski version is in

As to the Conver, I think a good collection should include it – but I am not sure about the Ancient Tarot version. Maybe someone else can help you here? Well, I would get a Hadar if I could only buy one and wanted to use it for readings AND study (always bearing in mind that, about those modern versions, we can always be sure they integrate some personal “touches” of their authors), and I would probably get a good Conver version to make a collection complete.

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