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Originally posted by Rusty Neon
I'm curious why you found the Camoin-Jodorowsky to be a bit tricky. Wouldn't you experience the same problem, or worse, with the Hadar?
Oh, Rusty Neon, I probably would. In fact, now you ask, the Hadar is certainly trickier to me, because I think I trust it too much… whilst I have several reservations about the Camoin, and that makes me more aware of its possible misinterpretations or adulterations. This said, I think both take it a bit too far, in the sense they do are personal interpretations, even when relatively restrained (or not…).

The problem is not the personal interpretation – I think Marseilles decks CAN be interpreted, too! But authors shouldn’t advertise as if they were selling a rigorously traditional version, then.

Still, I must say I trust Hadar’s interpretation better than I trust Camoin-Jodo one… as long I as keep in mind that it is an interpretation.

This said, thanks for your question – it was a bit of an “eye-opener”, but to a very personal question. I still think the Hadar deck is a degree above the Camoin, and is slightly preferable to a beginner than the latter.

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