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Tarot of the Absurd - 18 - The Moon

There are two Moon cards in this deck. The author suggests we can choose the one we prefer, but for now I've left both cards in my deck.

The first Moon card is very odd. Disturbing at first, but then deeper meanings came to me. I first saw it as a woman unhinging her mouth so that she could eat a sleeping child. I was repulsed, creeped out, and was absolutely certain that this card would live in the box.

But I couldn't stop thinking about it, and now I see it as a woman who "vomits" up her inner child, bringing it into the light.

I see this as exploring one's inner dreams, desires and fears. Of finding what's most important to us as individuals, so that we can live a life that's authentic for us. To not follow convention, but to listen to our own inner child, our own intuition, our own ethics, our own insights. She holds the inner child quite tenderly, respecting her experiences, whether positive or negative. Owning them, accepting that they happened, and dealing gently with the person she has become. Each of us must find our own voice, our own path, our own guiding light. And we must not be afraid to step into that light, to be vulnerable to our truth, to bravely face whatever life has for us.

This woman, whose simple necklace and dress implies a traditional life, has the courage to explore what it all means. She is barefoot, vulnerable to wherever this inner journey takes her.


The other Moon card is much more gentle seeming. At first glance, a child sleeps, curled up with a pair of dogs. The moon is full and smiling, also seemingly asleep. On second look, the "dogs" look like foxes. Is this a dream? A fairy tale? Will those foxes turn out to be "foxes in the hen house?" Or is the child truly as safe as it appears?

I haven't delved into this card yet, and hope that others will add their thoughts on both Moon cards. They certainly seem starkly different from each other.
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