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(my post below is copied from my post in the Tarot of the Absurd thread in Tarot Decks; yes, I'm stealing from myself... )

<<Last night I shuffled my new Tarot of the Absurd and asked what it wanted to say to me… one card draw. #18, the moon card (the one in the forest) there is such serenity in that card, a hooded creature curled up with foxes on a natural bridge over what appears to be a small stream, surrounded by bare branched trees with a sleeping moon overhead. In the lower left corner is a tiny crustacean. There is peace, tranquility, safety, security, protection wrapped up in this card. It's a "sleep well, sleep safely, all is well in the world" card. I feel peaceful, happy, secure, just looking at it.

I often hear music when I look at various tarot cards... for this card I hear Stephen Sondheim's "Not While I'm Around" from Sweeney Todd....>>
regarding the other moon card in this deck, at first glance it seemed to me that the woman was "mooning" the moon... then I saw the child... I don't understand this moon card, unless it depicts the supposed insanity brought on by a full moon... who knows? I prefer the "forest" moon card...
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