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which Moon to use?

Pandan asked,

Originally Posted by pandan49
Do you leave both Moons in when you use the deck, or just leave in the one you prefer? Might be strange if a person got both Moons in the same spread.
Personally, I leave both Moons in and have never gotten both during a reading, possibly because I generally do readings with fewer cards. I couldn't make a decision as to which moon to keep in the deck in the first place and I still won't admit to the ways in which I deceive myself.

I suppose if I wanted a reading that was really brutally honest I would leave in the first Moon (mom consumes her child) & if I wanted a reading to comfort me I would leave in the second Moon (child in the wild).

It might be confusing with both in one reading, but not necessarily. I think they're different enough to be in there & simply tell two sides of the same story.
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