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The Skeletons have evil grins on their faces, cunning, devious.
They are playing, being annoying. The very first thing that popped into my mind with this card was, look at them playing the fool, being silly but that is the deviousness because in doing that they have blocked in the faceless robed man in the middle. Trapped him so it seems. The ravens are indeed cawing and making alot of noise.

Does this card indicate goals or ambitions have hit a stumbling block, obstacles? The robed man doesnt appear to be making a move, he has withdrawn into the shadows, he needs to listen to the alarm bells and make a move.

There was another way I did intially see this card with relations to work. The robed man was quiet, shy, the type of person happy to stay in the shadows (unseen, unheard) whilst these skeletons (who appear to be laughing, smiling) are getting the limelight, moving their way up the ladder, grabbing the riches, getting the promotions, but at what cost. The robed man bides his time and waits..............

Will have to contemplate on this card a little more.

I dont know about you guys, but I find going with my first instincts often do not go with the flow of the LWB. And after I have reflected on the card, wrote down my thoughts then looked at the LWB I am sometimes way off base. All part of learning I guess.
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