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The Wild Unknown Tarot - IX Wands

At the top of the card is a golden crescent moon, the only coloured bit in this card and leading up to it is a pathway made up of 9 sticks or branches or are they steps? When I first looked at the card it looked like a path but the more I look at it the more it looks like a flight of stairs.

I love the way the wands in this deck are actually sticks or branches that haven't been trimmed.. It takes the esoteric element out of things for me and I prefer it that way... I think I've been thinking of the Fire suit being represented by batons for the last year or so and I prefer that to the more recent use of wands - a magical tool.

So a staircase or a causeway (another thing it could be)... It looks as if you'd have to tread quite carefully on it and the goal is the crescent moon which to me relates to the inner peace of The Hermit card (the 9 that rules the others).

This card says almost there to me, you're nearly at your goal, you may be getting tired and you may have been hurt along the way but you only have a little way to go now and so you need to persevere, be strong and self reliant and you'll get there.
Nines to me are also about assessment - looking back at how we've got to where we are now and preparing for the next phase which will start after the 'too much' of the 10s. So look back and see what has worked so far and keep doing that or look back and see what hasn't worked so well and try to stop doing that.
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