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Hi Sulis!

I'm seeing a lot of the same things that you're seeing in this card. I see the IX of Wands being about perseverance. You may be weary, the path may be treacherous and difficult, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (ahem, staircase) so keep on going. And, with the presence of the moon, you may find that you are able to develop strengths that were previously hidden to you and they will be revealed through this process. To that extent, the moon could also signal a warning that there could be some hidden or unexpected elements that may impede the climb. You may even have to get creative or go off the beaten path to achieve your goal.

ETA: This is a waning moon, right? So that really emphasizes your interpretation of this card signaling being nearly at your goal. The obstacles in your path are going to recede and soon disappear altogether allowing you to move into a new phase (the new moon).
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