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Lo Scarabeo decks and permissions

If a person is in possession of a physical deck published by Lo
Scarabeo, and intend to use the deck on the web inside a blog or an a
review site, it is now possible to use the images.
It's the important that the blog or website is not linked to a
commercial activity (for instance it's not part of an online reading service).
Also the "images copyrigth by Lo Scarabeo" is necessary.
However, if the two aboive steps are maintained, it's not necessary to
have written permission from us. And there is no limits to the number
of images that can be used.

It would be appreciated, but it's not required, if any blog or website
using our images would send us an e-mail to inform us.
Also, warmly appreciated but not required, is a link to our website.

Lo Scarabeo hopes that this wide-angle permission will be of help to
the Tarot community, without endorsing any pirate commercial use of Lo
Scarabeo images.

All the best,

(for Lo Scarabeo)


Comments by Ric
While the above is kind of an "official" comunicaton from LS, I add my hope that this HUGE change in policy will open the road to legal and considerate gallery websites showing images of decks.
Doing things right, but also creating a better access that does not damage anyone.
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