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Great insights!
My first impression of this card (and it has carried over into my readings) is of a safety ladder that you keep incase of a fire so you can climb down.
You're tired and want to sleep...and that ladder rolled up in the closet gives you some measure of will be scary if you ever have to use will take a measure of confidence, stamina and strength to hoist it over the window and climb down.
And take those few steps to safety...but you can do it...and will do it if such a danger threatens you.
Maybe you bought the safety ladder because you were in a fire before and know the panic that it can cause.
I think we all create our own safety ladders to get us through hurts...past or present.

The moon reminds of a fire, as it feels like we are safe on the ground and looking back up at the this orange yellow color is a good memory trigger for me.

The moon also reminds me that things that come at night we are most often more fearful of, than things that come during the day....the dark stripes in the back ground depicting the darkness of the night illuminated only by a waning moon.

I love your insight tomorrowscalling about "nearly there."
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