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Thank you for your elaborate and important post. Unlike you my experience with Tarot goes back only to almost 2 years yet I also felt the overwhelming presence that you mentioned while still experiencing directness from the Tarot.

- I don't think there is a Right and a Wrong way of reading or using Tarot.
I think both styles can be accurate as long as the Tarot reader can be a great spokes-person when it comes to communicating the answer to the questioner. Like a Doctor... they read many books and studied for years... but will not sit and explain every detail, they just offer what is needed.
People can use all the books around to elaborate on their knowledge (in general although there are many books I find that most of them do stick to the main meaning of the card (universally).
- Have we complicated things and why? Yes ..but so has the world grown complicated and rules are not like they were years ago. The world has also changed dramatically from 17 years ago and its norms have changed, love "RELATIONSHIPS", Marriage, Ways of living and many other things have changed.There are not many "rules" as before which can make things quite cut and dry. The world has also become more "liberal" both in relationships and in many other areas...
If we look back during the period of Madame Lenormand, relationships (which is a big topic in Tarot) were pretty much all the same (rules and society expectations, therefore how people behaved made things clearer from the beginning). The answers would also be much more dry and cut in my opinion.

In todays' world people feel the need to "understand" their surroundings, other peoples minds since rules have evaded action and rules to take over this.
Tarot can be philosophical and artistic and people will naturally enjoy growing and analyzing.
It is true and specially with the online world exploding (people don't need a publisher to write an online book!)..
There is enormous information in regards to Tarot.
I don't think with all these information floating around that there is Plenty of "meanings" being created... I think universally its the same "meaning" for each card but explained with different words. What has increased is the volume of techniques and ways of interpreting the meaning of the card to the many situations we face in today's world.

So this is my take on why Tarot reading and studying has changed over the years...
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