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Just to weigh in from a different perspective so that we can toss ideas back and forth... in my opinion (wanted to get that out there) what you describe in your first post about forgetting systems of numerology and symbolism and JUST. READing. THE CARD. is not Tarot reading. It's a very wonderful, most likely very useful oracular practice but you could do the same thing with any set of images. Any decks created after the A List occultists of the 18th and 19th centuries got to thinking about what the Tarot cards mean have been developed so that each deck has an internally consistent symbolic story to tell.

Intuition is undeniably important. Crucial! Waite and Wirth - both familiar with all sorts of complex systems - wrote that the intuition of the reader takes precedence in divination. But taking the time to learn about some of the ideas certain groups have about those symbols connects you with the Tarot in an important way. When I say "He was being a total King of Cups about it" Tarot readers think about their experience of "Kingness" and "Cupsness" and can join in the conversation without having the exact card I am thinking of in front of them.

Jazz musicians can do amazing things with their creativity but they don't just pick up the instrument one day and say "I'm going to make the most amazing sounds come out of this right off the bat." Someone teaches them "the rules" (as those rules relate to them) and then one day the music maker can make music no one has ever dreamed of before.

Again (in my opinion): pure psychic inspiration born of looking at a card at opening your mind to its possibilities = potentially very useful; worthwhile; not Tarot reading.
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