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I thought it was interesting to read in the companion book, that the 3 of Grails is the counterpart to the 3 of Scepters. Since I have never seen a boat on the 3 of Grails before (in other decks), does anybody have an explanation as to why he is linking these two opposing energies together?

I can see why the 3 of Scepters connects to the watery element of Binah because of it's supreme feminine energy, but why say the 3 of Grails is it's counterpart?

When looking at the two cards, the 3 of scepters has so much vitality, "aliveness" with the colors in the sky, her clothing, her hair, the red rose in her hand. The only color that is truly vibrant in the 3 of grails is the red in the cauldron. Should we believe that this life giving energy is embodied in the Scepters, but shared for all in the grails? Selfish to selfless?
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