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One Deck Wonder Resurrected

Auracana, I hope I'm not stealing your fire by starting this thread, since you were the first to mention it in the 78th DotW! I couldn't resist.

I've been enjoying participating in the Deck of the Week group, but lately I've been hankering for something more long-term. I adore reading the old One Deck Wonder and Intensive Deck Study threads, and loved participating, even when I was flighty. Like Auracana, I prefer the ODW title to the IDS, as the ODW always felt more adventurous and fun, while the IDS felt rather more (as Auracana put it) academic. I eat, sleep, and breathe academia -- I don't necessarily need that association in my hobby!

For those who haven't heard of the One Deck Wonder and don't feel like reading the threads, the gist is this:

You choose one deck to work with for a preferential amount of time, which is often six months or a year. There were various iterations of the theme, as some folks added a Marseilles to their main deck, some chose an oracle, and some stuck with only their chosen tarot. The original ODW stipulated no books, and the IDS emphasised as much studying as you wanted. The structure became more flexible over time, to entice more people to try the challenge, although my favorite is still the original: one illustrated deck, one Marseilles, minimal "study," just you and the deck and becoming a better reader. This is the form I hope to resurrect. A minimalistic approach to tarot, about the reader rather than the cards.

The last IDS thread sunk beneath the waves in mid-2012, but I hope we can resurrect the One Deck Wonder once again! Who's with me? Come join Auracana and I in our delightful madness!

I will finish by quoting the first official One Deck Wonder thread, started by Satori:

We have put away our deck collections.

We have chosen one illustrated pip deck and one Marseilles style deck.

Some of us have committed to a 78 Day Fool's Journey with only these two decks.
Others of us have committed to 6 months on this Fool's Journey.
And still others hope for a full 12 months of minimalistic Tarot journeying...

We are committed.
We are traveling light.
And we are excited about the wonders that surely await us on the way.

Travel well my friends!
Travel strong.
Post often and tell of us your adventures along the way.


ETA: We have a Reading Exchange thread, a Daily Draws thread, and a Spreads thread! Thank you, Auracana!
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