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As far as the rules are concerned, I think keeping it simple is the best policy.

I'm no arbiter, but going on the basis of old threads -- how do these sound?

1. Time limit of at least one month -- any shorter and you're better off doing a Deck of the Week study.

2. One deck, plus one Marseilles-style deck if desired (that is, one deck with illustrated minors and one with pips). I believe that in the IDS threads some people picked one tarot and one oracle, but I feel that's a personal matter -- any discussion of the oracle would be done in the oracle sub-forum anyway, so it's a bit of a moot point. The One Deck Wonder is meant to be a focus on a tarot deck (and supplemental decks like a TdM or an oracle) for an extended period of time. Some One Deck Wonder participants are using other decks to do readings and may be participating in other groups like Deck of the Week. How you choose to study is up to you.

3. No cheating. If you buy or recieve any decks, you can check for completeness and flaws, and then promptly put them away with your other decks.

4. Handle your chosen deck every day even if you don't read with it -- a quick minute of shuffling while your soup heats up is better than nothing, if you're rushed.

5. Journaling as such is not necessary, but keep a wee notebook or a tablet nearby to write down any epiphanies, or quick reading sketches.

6. Have fun! If you're stuck or frustrated with your deck, post here for hugs, commiseration, and support.

I feel that books are well within the bounds of the ODW concept. Some decks have systems that can't be learned without a companion book or research, unless you're doing a full-on intuitive run.

We can do it!
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