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Originally Posted by aurarcana View Post
Also, I don't think there needs to be an official sign-up list. Join if you want, state your rules/guidelines (if any), and exit as you please.
I completely agree! And THANK YOU for your fantastic post! You said it far better than I did, m'dear. I'm even more excited about this than I was this morning, if that's possible!

Okay. This is a good time to do my intro-post, then.

I'm in from February 2nd to at least July 31st with the Fournier Tarot de Marseilles. Hopefully until the end of the year. (For the next week I'll be substituting the Hadar, as I am waiting for the Fournier, but they're functionally identical in my mind, both being non-photo-reproduction Marseilles decks.)

I will allow myself to buy decks if I wish, though I buy very few as it is. I have locked my decks away in a safe tote box, aside from the Marseilles. I will allow myself to use an oracle on occasion, if time permits... but not to the exclusion of tarot, or before it.

I will handle and shuffle my deck daily, and attempt, if nothing else, to do a very small reading daily, even if it's just on the state of the weather -- or the cat.

I will keep a notebook, and herewith allow myself to take very messy notes if it gets the job done. I'll also be using my massive binder of planetary, astrological, and elemental gubbins that I've collected since I first learned Mel's method back in the day.

My goal at the end of the ODW is to be able to read for anyone, anywhere, with no more than a Marseilles and my own brain -- no notes, no books, no hesitation.

Good luck, everyone! I'm so glad to see you all here!
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