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I think we need to be careful about 'horoscopes' in this sense. When you ignore all of a chart but for one planet, albeit a very important planet you're bound to get a highly skewed result and as you say one that is far more likely to be wide of the mark, rather than an accurate prediction. They are in effect a piece of fun, rather than a serious attempt at prediction, and they need to be recognised as such. I still get hot under the collar when people take them seriously or believe that what they are reading is all that there is to Astrology and on that basis dismiss it out of hand. I think I once said that they are one of the main obstacles to getting people to take Astrology seriously.

My aim here is to show that a 2,000 year old system can be and indeed is used today, though the writers of those columns may not be familiar with the origins of their methods, and they may be using those techniques in a way that doesn't do the practice of Astrology much credit.

I doubt that the Alexandran copy of 'Hoi Horoi' or 'Apollo' contained such a column, so please don't think I'm trying to justify Helleniistic Astrology on the basis of what appears in 'The Times' or the 'Sun'.

However as I go through, you and others may see techniques that you can integrate into your own practice, without becoming a Hellenisitic Fundamentalist LOL. One such is the use of Whole Sign Houses. I'm finding that for some things they can be very insightful and far less ambivalent than quadrant houses. But I still won't give up using a quadrant system. They in turn can be extremely useful. Indeed as I understand it by the end of the Hellenistic period Astrologers were using both in tandem, in order to get a better understanding of a nativity.

I also see no reason at all why Uranus, Neptune, the plutoids and the asteroids, etc cannot be used together with some Hellenistic approaches. Chris Brennan sees the future as something of a synthesis of our renewed knowledge of the Tradition and many of the concepts and techniques of the last 60 - 100 years.

I started my voyage into the 'Tradition' because I wasn't satisfied with Astrology as it was practiced and I'm lucky in a sense that my misgivings coincided with the revival of traditioal techniques. But I didn't really intend to stay rooted in the tradition but use it's context to sort out which modern bits were ones I could use and go forward with. I've taken a lot longer than I originally expected but I am beginning to see ways in which I can begin to use at least some of the outer planets in a way that is grounded in astrological principles rather than some psychologically oriented belief in the value of Greek mythology as a metaphor for both the psyche and the meaning of planets. Who knows in 10 years time Dave and I might both be practising a new hybrid.
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