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I'm in!! Tarot of the Vampyres! And oracle of shadows and light!

Merry meet everyone!
I have returned once again to this wonderful forum after neglecting tarot for a while. (Me slaps her own wrist) I had bought tarot of Vampyres a while back,dedicated it and even have a beautiful notebook to write in. Life was crazy but now I feel ready after seeing a YouTube vid with this deck being talked about as the deck that changed this girls life in a readers perspective and after finding this thread I'm gonna do this. I actually have butterflies in my stomach.

1:I shall only use the tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels to read with. No other tarot deck for at least 2 sabbats so until Beltane 13. But I might extend that till like imbolc 14 that's how committed I want to be. With this I shall only use oracle of shadows and light by Lucy cavendish as other deck,no other oracle shall be read. I only just got this in the post ANSI think these 2 decks will work well together.

2: I will read only the books that come with the decks at least until Beltane 13. After that I might look into the kabala more.

3: I shall keep a tarot journal and will post vids on my YouTube channel about this challenge.

4: if I'm going to do magic I shall atleast have the decks around me on my altar so they can pick up my magical self and energies. I shall try to carry them with me where ever I go.

5: I shall at the very least handle them both once a day, but will try to do 1 card readings for my self and a big spread atleast once a week.

The reason I want to do this is to do better readings for myself as I'm nervous reading for myself. If any one is interested following me on YouTube my channel name is AmberFox.
I will also blog readings and experiences on this forum.

Merry Part!
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