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I need to finish my Sacred Days of Yule Spread with the Wildwood, even though it should have been finished over a month ago. I might take a few days to get other decks out of my system, and then:

I'll use my Druidcraft for one month, to start out with. It was my "first love" when it comes to decks, and I started to study it, but I didn't finish. That was at the beginning of 2006.

If it fits as a type of TdM: Tarot of the Master.

And the Faeries Oracle, which is the same for me when it comes to oracles, as the Druidcraft (I started to study them at the same time, too).

Why do I feel like I'm going sky-diving?? I have to try this, because without focus, there will be no point in my having any of my decks.
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