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Originally Posted by aurarcana View Post
Hooray, I have a partner!

Crazy changes at work on Monday that are lingering into the day today, but I'll respond more in depth to your post tonight when I am at home relaxing .
Originally Posted by aurarcana View Post
Elendil, I'm interested in seeing if you decide to use the II for the One Deck Wonder. kalliope and I will be using it together and will be posting in the Study our findings and observations in the Study Group in addition to this thread which will serve as a place for support and general rants.
Elendil, I'm hoping as well that you decide to join us with the International Icon deck, even if you do your own "unofficial version" of it in which you continue to do the DOW. The more the merrier! As has been mentioned already, this ODW seems to be rather flexible in allowing one to set one's own rules, which I hope means that more people will stick around.

SO, I received my II deck last night in the mail -- it was very quick shipping! I've only had time to flip through the deck once, but I like it! I'll try to post later in the BtB thread with my initial thoughts.
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