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FANTASTIC! I've been missing the old IDS (it did feel a little too strict in its rules but I certainly enjoyed it) and I'm so glad to see ODW resurrected. Everyone's contributions so far have inspired me to rejoin the club

I'm slightly nervously going with my Dark Carnival Tarot - nervously because I don't always feel comfortable reading for others with it; it's got dark imagery and gives scary-accurate readings. But what the heck. I love it, it's the only deck I've used to read for myself since I got it, and the people I have read for with it agreed that it gave them good answers. (Not necessarily welcome ones, but accurate...)

For the pip deck, I'll use the Brian Williams Minchiate. It's more complex than a Marseilles deck but I've enjoyed working with it, and anyway I want to be able to do the Minchiate exhange!

I'm going to have to cheat a little and use other decks for some exchanges I've already begun this month; other than that, let's get some rules down....

1. Pick up and shuffle through both decks every day.

2. Do a daily draw with each deck on alternate days (e.g., DC on Mon/Wed/Fri and Minchi on Tues/Thurs/Sat.)

3. Do a full reading with both decks at least once a week. (Sunday seems to be free...)

4. For the DC, use the associated booklet and listen to the music that inspired the creator (not my "type" of music but it'll expand my horizons and give me more insight into the themes and imagery).

5. For the Minchie, use the accompanying book and also any other Minchie references I can find, books or online!

6. Record all readings in a notebook/computer file.

7. Blog at least once a week.

8. Have fun!!!!

My timeline is today, Feb. 7 2013, to my birthday on June 6.
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