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Originally Posted by Marieve View Post
I stuck with Vampyres pretty much all last year but mainly with readings for myself as I found out it can be too dark for others but now it kind of left me. It was my favorite and trustworthy friend and I was in love with it. This is such a great deck that has a few levels to discover if you can stick to it.

I'm so struggling to find one particular deck to be devoted to. In every deck there is always something that I love about and something that leaves me slightly annoyed or unsatisfied. Also with rare and expensive decks I kind of think it would be hard to find an extra copy if something happened to it so I hesitate to invest lots of time in it, if it makes sense. So for me the best deck to do One Deck Wonder with would be some cheap, not too dark and universal enough to be used for strangers. It changes all the time. Recently I kind of looked with more favorable eye on the Golden by Kat Black and I will join with that one if it's all right. It just seems sturdy enough to be a work horse and artwork seems pleasant and so far nothing annoys me in it ;-) I just hope it is kind of complicated enough to keep me interested but then it could be in the eye of the beholder.
Welcome Marieve
The Vampyres has surprised me how well it's been reading for me so far. It is a deep deck and like you mentioned, indeed has alot to explore. The deck only has a few darker images, or maybe I'm just used to them already that I don't really consider it dark. In fact, I think it delivers the message in a friendly and often gentle manner. My friends I've read for, really liked the deck. The guy that was repulsed, was an older male and kinda religious. I was thinking... C'mon, it's just a tarot deck. It's not like it's gonna come and BITE you!

Anyways, I have the Golden. I trimmed my copy and I like it sooo much better now this way. Yeah I know, the gilt edging... Yep that's gone, but without them it shuffles much better too so I don't miss the gold stuff.

I also know what you mean about HTF decks. I tend to enjoy the easy obtainable decks for just that reason. They get used with ease and therefor the most, because you are less paranoid about the deck getting damaged. Cuz if that does happen, it's easy to get another copy. Like the Vampyres, that black is chipping from the edges. I don't like that, but it bothers me less because I can easily get another. (Which I do see myself doing eventually with this deck, because I actually prefer pristine decks).
You won't have that issue with the Golden, that thing is rugged!! Hahaha

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