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My Turn...

Okay I'll join the party myself then LOL... YAY!!!

Ok why? Cause I love TWILIGHT!!! not really you all
I was looking for a deck to work on my shadow self and saw a review by one of the people I subscribe to on youtube so checked it out here on AT and then decide to buy it.
Then life took over and after Blessing the deck on a dark moon It has just sat there with the journal I bought for it as well. But after joining the One Deck Wonder thread and actually having shuffled the deck for the very first time I am off like a rocket. This deck packs some punches and yeah some people would never read with this.... I am happy all of us dont love the same decks cause that would be boring and they would be difficult to get hold off

Ok least favourite Majors: The Hanged Man but then again I can see alot of depth in the card hmmm...
Least favourite Minors:Five of Skulls, I dont do werewolves, but I have read this card and makes total sense to me....

Favourite Majors: The Priestess, I just want to be her when I grow up..
Favourite Minors: Three of Knives, I just love the feel of this card

Ok who is next...
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