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I'll start with Ronia's chart but I need to include a preliminary statement on the meaining of the planets - Hellenisitic keywords if you like. These come from Robert Schmidt and are from an analysis he did of the references made by a variety of authors;

Sun: the principle of selection
Moon: To gather and include
Mercury: To destabilise and contest
Venus To reconcile and unify
Mars: To sever and separate
Jupiter: To command and stabilise
Saturn: To exclude and reject

These are the 'core principles' that they represent. It's worth noting that if you consider their sign rulerships, for any pair of signs in opposition, their rulers also give opposite meanings. Look at Taurus and Scorpio for example. Venus is reconciling and unifying whilst Mars is separating and severing.

I can see that these keywords could be very useful in a moder context, not just in the context of Hellenistic Astrology
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