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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000 View Post
The polarity inherent in these keywords suggests a daily-life struggle of black and white forces impacting the individual. Not much moderation there. Perhaps that is a sign of the times and culture. Bringing this into a modern chart might be more conditioned upon the individual than one's family or local neighborhood life in this day and age. Dave
I think we need to remember that these are principles. Firstly they might not exist in a conflict situation - for example I might choose to exclude sugars from my diet because I want to live a healthier lifestyle. Even where they do seem to be in conflict it's only the extremes that might be shown by an opposition. It's not uncommon for an individual to have conflicts over particular issues or choices. For example there is a family member who is being divisive or disruptive and they are torn between trying to unite the family group or severe the ties with the disruptive member. This would be a Mars/Venus conflict, but it would only be a serious one if there was an opposition in the nativity

Nor does it have to be a mega issue. Do I select Sally for an invitation to our New Year's Eve party or do I exclude her from the guest list. There's a conflict of principles involved but that conflict might not be a serious one as far as I'm concerned. (I hope Sally doesn't read this )

In reality it's much more likely that these principles will not directly conflict in a chart, Mars and Venus for example are more likely to have a relationship that is somewhere in between in a chart. If there are aspects that indicate a choice between the princples, then that doesn't exclude some form of conflict resolution. Thus reconciliation of the principles might well be indicated by a trine or sextile, even a square might simply indicate difficulties in resolving a conflicting set of choices. And if they are out of aspect entirely then we may be excercising these principles in situations where there is no conflict at all (I choose to select Sally for the New Year Party but to exclude sugars from my diet - the first will be shown by the Sun, the second by Saturn).

Conflicts, though are not something that only existed in Hellenistic times, I think even a modern psychological approach might recognise conflicting demands being made on someone, even by themselves, and be oriented towards conflict resolution. All that the chart would do is indicate if there is a conflict and quite possibly how we might resolve it.
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