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Preliminary Natal Analysis for Ronia (Part 1)

I'm using more than one post here so this one will look at the Ascendant ruler and it's domicile ruler.

Ronia Preliminary Natal Analysis - 1

I'll start by looking at the ruler of t he Ascendant. Ronia has Capricorn rising so the ruler is Saturn. Saturn is placed in the eighth 'place' (The Hellenisitic Astrologers referred to the signs as the 'houses' of the planets and used the word 'place' to refer to what we now call the houses of the chart). This is not a fortunate placement for two main reasons. Firstly the eighth is not configured to the Ascendant, so Saturn cannot 'see' the place it rules and secondly the eighth place is the sign of Leo, where Saturn is in Detriment (though it is in its own decan).

Vettius Valens and other Hellenisitic Astrologers say we should always look at the ruler of the sign in which the ruler of the Ascendant falls and that is the Sun. The Sun is in the eleventh place, which isa good placement being succeedent to the tenth. It is also the House of the Good Spirit and configured to the Ascendant by sextile. The Sun may be of help in Saturn being able to fulfill its role as 'Captain of the Ship' The Sun is the sect Light, as this is a day chart, moreover Saturn is a diurnal planet, so despite the bad placement it is at least in the place of a 'sect mate' or planet of the same sect.

The Sun however is in an 'alien place' that is it is not in any dignity of a diurnal planet, as it is placed in Scorpio, a nocturnal sign. This reduces the Sun's ability to help. Although the Sun is in the same sign as the MC, it is not within 5 degrees of it, which would indicate according to Schmidt a lack of enthusiasm for its agenda, including helping the Ascendant ruler. However Schmidt's definition here seems to refer to being very close to an angle in a quadrant house system and given that the Sun is in the same sign as the angle, it would seem to me that it's enthusiasm level is at least moderately high if not as vigorous as it could be (personal view). There's the issue of whether the Sun is likely to successfully complete it's 'agenda', which is influenced by whether the Moon is applying to it (the Moon governs events in the 'sublunar' universe, i.e. mundane matters on Earth). The Moon is applying to the Sun by degree (the Moon is allowed an orb of 13 degrees, unlike the other planets) so this looks promising. The Sun is in a fixed sign (the Hellenistic Astrologers called it a 'solid' sign) and even in modern times we take fixed signs as staying the course. In terms of configurations, the Sun is in a close square with Saturn by degree and the balance between these two is close. In medieval terms there is reception here and as Saturn is of the same sect, this is probably going to be more a very uneasy alliance than outright warfare. So the only real problem with the Sun is being in an 'alien place', everything else is positive.

Returning to Saturn, I note that it is conjunct the Lot of Eros, which perhaps explains all those horaries relating to relationships and perhaps that will be taken up later in Stage 3 examination of topics. Taking Schmidt's list of factors which indicate whether the planet is going to be effective, it's worth noting that the eighth is at least a succedent sign and therefore 'good for business'. Saturn is also Direct and rises before the Sun both of which Schmidt sees as being good in Hellenistic terms. According to the PNA Wizard in Delphic Oracle, Saturn should be 'goaded' or enthusiastic but here I must admit to something of a problem as even using a quadrant house system it is not within the 5 degrees of an angle, so this is something I'm going to have to research a bit more. Hellenisitic Astrology uses three lords for each triplicity, and the triplicity lords for Leo are Sun, Jupiter and Saturn (not Mars as Mars is a nocturnal planet, despite ruling Aries). So Saturn has some positive connection with Leo despite its Detriment. The Moon is also applying to Saturn and it's in a solid or fixed sign (see above for Sun). Despite being a malefic, Saturn is the malefic of the sect in favour, so it's likely to be less damaging. It is above the horizon, where a diurnal planet should be in a diurnal chart and it's in a masculine sign. So there's a lot of positive indicators there for Saturn. Saturn is also trined by Jupiter from Gemini. Jupiter is the Benefic of Sect, so it's more likely to be helpful to Saturn than Venus and the configuration is therefore a good indicator. Jupiter's own condition will be examined in the next post. The main drawback is that it's not configured to the Ascendant but there are mitigating factors, the relationship to Saturn is going to be a key.
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