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Ronia Preliminary Natal Analysis - 2

For the other five planets the situation is:


Jupiter is the benefic of sect. Jupiter is in the fourth place and therefore at one of the pivots of the chart. Jupiter is in a diurnal sign (Aries) but is retrograde and is not rising with sect (below the Earth when the Sun is up). According to Chris Brennan, the issues of being in a sign of the wrong sect or rising contrary to sect were not particularly serious debilities for the Hellenistic Astrologers, unlike the later Arab Astrologers. I'm therefore not going to place much emphasis on those 'debilities' but being retrograde is more serious and seems to indicate that the planet will 'stumble' from time to time. Jupiter is squared by Mars, the out of sect malefic, so this too should be taken as something of a challenge. to Jupiter's 'performance' However as Jupiter is the planet on the right (earlier in the zodiac) and the aspect is wide by degree, Jupiter will 'overcome' Mars, moreover as Mars is Jupiter's ruler whilst there will be tension between them, in a medieval context, Mars has received Jupiter into Aries and therefore can't be too nasty towards him, so to speak. Jupiter is not 'goaded', or 'enthusiastic' so to what extend ti's configuration to the Ascendant ruler will be helpful is something that is not clear at this stage.


The Moon is angular in the seventh place and in her own sign of Cancer. She is not however the light of sect. The Moon is also angular from the tenth place Lot of Fortune, so she will be significant when considering either events outside your control or issues of health.

[he Moon is squared by Jupiter, the benefic of sect, so there might be grudging support from Jupiter. The Moon is also rising contrary to sect (she is above the sky when the Sun rises).The Moon is also contained (or beseiged) by the two Malefics, Saturn and Mars, so there will be constraints on her 'actions' How these show up will be a matter for consideration when I get to Stage 3.

The Moon too is 'goaded' or 'enthusiastic, whether it will aid Saturn or not is going to be one of those issues in the following sections.


Venus' importance is that she rules the Lot of Fortune, though she is not configured to it. Venus is the out of sect benefic. Shs is in the ninth place (House of God). As a nocturnal planet, she is above the horizon in a diurnal chart (small negative) but in a nocturnal sign, (small positive). The ninth is a cadent or 'declining' sign so that reduces Venus' potential to act. Venus is configured to the Ascendant by trine and Venus is connected to the Moon, though by a separating sextile. This is not as powerful as an application but it's better than being unconfigured or 'separated'. Venus is also sextiled by Mars, the out of sect malefic. This is not a hard aspect so I don't see it causing any major difficulties. As noted in the previous post Venus is in sextile to the Sun. Finally Venus has risen before the Sun (she was a Morning Star).

Venus is ruled by Mercury, which by place and triplicity is strong, so Mercury may help Venus but the two are not directly configured.


Mars is the out of sect malefic, and thus potentially the planet that could signify the most harm in the nativity. Mars is in Cancer in seventh place, but below the Descendant, so it is a nocturnal planet in a nocturnal sign and below the horizon, so it's negative sect quality is not excerbated beyond simply being out of sect.

The only configurations of Mars that have not yet been mentioned is that it squares Mercury in the tenth place and also squares the Lot of Fortune. The latter is at best double edged, in that Mars is angular from the Lot and therefore active in matters relating to circumstances not of your own making and to your health, but as it is the out of sect malefic, these activities are unlikely to be positive.


This is a diurnal chart and Mercury is in the tenth place and in a diurnal sign. So Mercury is 'playing for the sect in favour'. Mercury is configured to the Ascendant (pivotal) and also to the Lot of Fortune (also pivotal) so Mercury should be playing an active role in your life. Mercury is Direct and has risen before the Sun. In a Cardinal sign, Mercury is likely to be good at initiating but not necessarily seeing things through. The same goes for the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Mercury has one further characteristic of immediate note. It is in 'phasis'. This translates as .making an appearance or speaking - drawing attention to itself.Astrologically this means that in the period of 7 days either side of birth it either stationed retrograde or direct, or makes a helical rising,, either just before Sunrise or just after sunset. In this case Mercury appeared to set just before sunrise. Planets in phasis become emphasised for better or worse in the life of the native. This might show more clearly in Stage 4 looking at prediction methods, you may find that Mercury periods are significant ones in your life.

For the moment that concludes the PNA for Ronia but I have one or two issues that I well may come back on. The main ones being clarification of 'goading' and something that seems very relevant to the 'ship of life' analogy, the four winds.

I'll do the PNA for Ana, and then I can move on and try my hand at the 'ship of life'
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