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Spread suggestions

I have a New Orleans Voodoo Tarot deck which I purchased years ago. I used it a few times and then I started moving around. It got packed away and forgotten for a while. I didn't use it much because I had someone who read for me and I felt very connected to them. Now, however, I find myself at a point in my life where everything seems to be hopeless and I feel really lost. I have felt this sort of dispair for a while and I have been unable to get readings from my regular because I have no money (part of this lost feeling, I guess). Then something made me want to look for the cards again. So anyway, I was able to find the cards and they were still wrapped in a cloth but I am unable to find the book. From the looks of the forum, it seems that everyone has done a wonderful job discussing the cards and I will be able to look here for some guidance with the meaning of the cards. So here is my question, finally, can anyone recommend any spreads and what the position of each card represents, since I can't follow the suggestions in the book anymore? I am not asking a specific question. I guess I am looking to assess my situation, see what is to come, what to do next. Essentially to see if there is any hope coming or where to find it.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions of how to "reconnect" with the cards, since I have been away from them for so long?

Thanks so much!
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