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Step Eleven~The Empress~Tarot of Vampyres

Step 11-1:
Nine of Skulls (Pentacles):A woman is dancing in ecstasy under a full moon. She is holding a purple rose that is bleeding. There is a gravestone behind her.

pleasure vs. pain
beauty vs. gaudiness
rising above the mundane vs. refusing to accept reality
using imagination vs. daydreaming
bird's eye view vs. no longer grounded
inspired vs. confused
self-sufficiency vs. self-satisfaction
engagement vs. withdrawal

Daughter of Knives (Page of Swords): A young woman sits out in the garden with a bloody knife in her hand. Under her bench is something that looks like a wedding gown to me and a wedding bouquet covered in blood. The woman looks calm but also perhaps a bit startled.

adventurous vs. aimlessness
charming vs. manipulative
style vs. practicality
nature vs. artificiality
waiting vs. reluctance
ready for what's next vs. unwilling to act
conscious action vs. subconscious action
planning vs. achieving
alert vs. defensive

Chariot: The Charioteer is masked and aiming an arrow with focused intention. The animal drawing the chariot is roaring and leaping forward. It looks scary. It is a mixture of all the four animals of the suits (panther, raven, wolf and snake)

assertive vs. aggressive
control vs. limits
mastery vs. practice
chaotic vs. clearheaded
confidence vs. arrogance
appropriate risk vs. reckless
commanding vs. control freak
victory vs. show off
control vs. bully
strength of will vs. one track mind
in control vs. controlling

Step 11-2; Acting as a meter to indicate how we feel about our chosen card. My chosen card is the Vampyres Empress; She is standing below an apple tree and a bee is buzzing in the apples. She looks quiet and a little sad.

Here are some of the extremes that could fit this Empress of Vampyres.
The Empress:
grounded vs. depressed
patience vs. immobility
progressive vs. stagnant
patient vs. apathy
peace vs. apathy
creativity vs. uninspired
self sufficient vs. retreating into a shell
calm vs. troubled
communicating vs. silence

11-2; first task: describe the two extreme readings on the meter.
I chose grounded vs. depressed. Depression, apathy and retreating into a shell for the negative end of the scale. Groundedness, peace and self-sufficiency for the positive end of the scale.

11-2; second task: move your arm (the meter needle-indicator) between the two extremes of your emotions-meter and find where you "feel" you are right now. I am more to the positive end of the scale. (Maybe something like two thirds of the way?) I like to retreat into a shell and I recognize the depressive vibes within but I am at peace with it. I generally feel well grounded and self-sufficient.

11-2; third task: find the place on the meter where you would like to be. Id like to see the needle even more to the right. But probably not all the way. I think I will always need to be able to retreat and I would not like to become too self-sufficient either.
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