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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
It might simply mean she's a bit out of control LOL. According to Firmicus a square between Venus and Jupiter with Venus in the Superior position (earlier in the zodiac) indicates illicit loves, occupations having to do with clothing and care of the body, You will show a love of adornment, luxury and pleasure but there is a twist in that if you gain prosperity and happiness the conditions reverse. I've left the Moon out of that configuration but I'm sure it will modify the prediction and I'll look and see if there's anything directly about a configuration of all 3.
*Ahem!* I might have some experience with some of the things in that list...
I'm not a clotheshorse, though.

I'm not sure I quite understand what "the conditions reversing" would mean. Which conditions? Do you mean that one would shun those things instead?

At my current level of understanding I'd say that the debility in Cancer does count, but it's alleviated or mitigated to an extent as Saturn is in one of the dignities of a sectmate (Jupiter by exaltation) According to the Schmidt approach that will limit Saturn's ability to get anything done except with Jupiter's help, and except in the Sign/House that Saturn is placed in. I can see the overall logic of this but I'm not sure how it pans out in practice and that's something that again might show up in either Stage 3 or 4.
Interesting about needing Jupiter's help, and that Saturn will only being able to get things done in the house or sign he's in. Definitely something to ponder, especially what Jupiter's help would look like. I hope this sort of thing does show up in the later Stages.

Saturn is Rising because it can be seen in the sky at some stage during the day, even if in Astronomical terms it has already risen when the Sun sets.
Ah, yes, you explained this near the beginning of the thread, I think. Sorry! Thanks for the reminder.

Not being seen is taken as reducing it's Fitness being seen adds to it's Fitness. Hellenisitic Astrology is much more based on the visible changes in the heavens than Modern Astrology is, as few Astrologers these days actually go out and look at the sky and even if they do, their view may be dimmed by street lighting, clouds etc.
What's funny is that the actual visual observance in astrology seems almost quaint to our modern perspective, what with our computerized calculations and all. We could be astrologers today and never look at the sky even once! And yet it's so good to remember that looking at the sky is how is all started...

Actually it isn't I got that one wrong. I should have said Tines from Jupiter plus the square from the Moon. The Moon is benefic for the most part but I'm not sure I should have used her this way (Sorry Moon) and I missed the Trine from Mars, which falls nearer to Saturn than the square from the Moon. So Saturn isn't quite as lucky there as I originally thought. I will write out 100 time 'I must not rush posts'
You know, if I had been thinking, I'd have thought, "hey wait -- I don't have a trine from Venus to Saturn, not even by sign!" I was just too eager to jump on anything positive! Well, I guess my Saturn is pretty pathetic. And, even if the Moon could be used in that way, and would have been a beneficial influence, with my Moon in such sad shape, could she have even done so?

Off to read Stage 2...
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