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Originally Posted by kalliope View Post

So, roughly speaking, Jupiter will mostly determine where I'm going in life, and what my life should be about, etc., and Mars is the one who will do his best to get me there, using his own methods?
I think the answer to that is probably 'Yes' but that's putting my own spin on it.

Originally Posted by Kalliope
To make sure I'm understanding this correctly: is it because Saturn is generally unfit that the third of life he rules will be the one to watch out for?
The reasoning is that Saturn is

a) The Co-operating Lord of the Fire Trigon and so takes the last phase of life

b) Saturn is in the ninth, which is a cadent House and these are the less powerful in terms of getting things done

So the last third of your life (approximately) will be the most challenging.

Originally Posted by Kalliope
Okay, a couple of questions:
1) I'm sorry if I'm overlooking something, but how are Mars & Jupiter in mutual reception? I understand that it's not a Hellenistic term, but I'd still like to know which "dignities" you're referring to. Is this a sectmate thing?
Your birth is still a nocturnal one, even though I've assigned Ultimate Rulership to the Sun, because it's nearly rising and the Moon has set. Mars is the Nocturnal Trigon Lord for the Water Triplicity So he has a dignity in Pisces. Jupiter is in the Bounds of Mars, so there is a low level mutual reception. Of course both are in their own Signs as well, so both are well dignified.

I'm using the Dorothean Triplicities and the Egyptian Bounds or Terms, because all the Hellenistic Astrologers except Ptolemy, seemed to use those. Oddly because of a historical accident, it was Ptolemy's revised system that made it through into medieval Europe and hence to Lilly.

Originally Posted by Kalliope
2)Is there an easy dignity-type chart you could point to for Hellenistic references for things like Trigon lords, sectmates, etc.?
That's a good point. I'll copy one and post it.

Originally Posted by Kalliope
3) To understand your reasoning with regard to the bolded sentence above: You've determined it's the last third of life that could be problematic because weak, unfit Saturn will be influencing it, correct? But then the potential troubles you've mentioned for this period are due to my poorly placed Lot of Fortune. Why? Wouldn't the Lot be troublesome for my whole life? Or, alternatively, why wouldn't the last third of my life be plagued by troubles related to my Saturn being unable to manage his duties?

Or, is it this: A) the Lot of Fortune being badly placed is one of my chart's clear problem areas when it comes to general effectiveness, and B) my weak Saturn ruling the last third of my life is the clearest problem related to rough time estimates, and so C) therefore it's reasonable to conclude that the likely culprit for troubles during this period will be the most obvious villian (LoF)?
Yes, the Lot of Fortune is not well placed so there's always as issue with spotting the opportunity or avoiding the risks. The first two parts of your life (the Jupiter and Solar periods) are likely to be reasonable but the last part (according to Valens) is the weaker part. I just drew the conclusion that that was the time during which you should be especially careful of risks, so that you don't do anything to make it a self fulfilling prediction.

Originally Posted by Kalliope
Sorry if this is annoyingly persnickety.
Annoyingly pernickety is alright (I'm a secret masochist LOL)

Seriously, this is the first time I've tried the methods and I don't have any experience to fallback on, so your feedback is most welcome.
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