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Originally Posted by kalliope View Post
For my Stage 3 topic areas, here are my priorities, and you can do what you will:

1. My biggest questions in life are always: "What should I DO with my life? What are my greatest talents? Where should I focus my energy? What should I pour myself into? What should I study? Where can I give the most? Where could I be the most successful?" All the annoyingly complicated questions that we all have. So, I'm not sure where to find this in the chart (is it career related, or 9th house of higher learning and spirituality?), or even if Hellenistic astrology addresses these issues of vocation/calling.

1a/2. In a related question, I suppose I wonder if I will be successful enough at whatever this vocation is to be financially independent. I'm not sure how intertwined or separate these things are for your analysis.

3. Love life, I guess. Although I'm married and generally happy (and my husband is a wonderful, kind man), my idealistic, wild-child Venus is always wondering, is this it? Where is my big, dramatic, passionate love story? Isn't that terrible!!?! But on the other hand, I suppose it would also be good to know if my currently happy, comfortable, and companionable life in this area will be continue (if I didn't just jinx it with my horrific statement above. )

4. General health outlook.
OK I'll see what I can do about some/all of those

Originally Posted by kalliope View Post
Thanks for the information, and for the heads-up that it was a messy installation. I've used the trial of Janus before, and like it well enough. I think I just fantasize about a program that will print out a nice "forecast tree" sort of thing that will show which forecasting methods are active for any given time period, to make it easy to find time periods that are most likely to manifest effects. I'm sure I'm delusional and that I will have to do more manual work and comparison of lists than I'd like.

I successfully installed Aphesis. I'm not sure why Timaeus is being problematic (the error is that the "delination files cannot be found" and then it freezes). Sounds like Delphic Oracle is worth further investigation, though, so I guess I'll have to contact their customer support.
I have Timaeus, it came with Delphic Oracle but I uninstalled it. It has a separate database for charts, so you've either got to enter the same data twice, or go through the fiddly procedure of setting up a new database and then remember to use the 'migration tool' each time you run updates. Apart from the system tray notifictions of transits (which can be annoying if you've got the sound turned on) it really doesn't do anything that DO can't do.

I used to use Aphesis and it's quite good as a freebie but DO is so much better for going from the Time Lord Period direct to the Transits (or progressions) that were in force on any particular day. If you are interested in a week or a month, it's easy to step through the transits/progressions and get an immediate visual picture of what's happening.

It's taken me some time to get used to DO and it still has quirks I've not solved but it offers quite a bit for Medieval Astrology and there's nothing to touch it for the Hellenistic stuff.

I still have a soft spot for Morinus though, it was the main reason I didn't go for Janus. The additional Janus functions that I would use did not justify the expense of buying it.
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