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Now that is really is interesting in the light of some of the things that have emerged during the thread. I've not thought of linking this in to Astro-Cartography but that might well be worth an examination in the future. Also interesting that Mars and the Moon feature here. I'ts another way of saying that Transits aren't everything and that the Mars/Lunar expressions may pop up in different ways.
Yes, it is interesting. The problem is I don't understand why the lines are marked MC at the top, for example, but DC or AC at the bottom...

Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
So it's your almost instinctive reaction - perhaps that Trave/Fortune/Spirit connection seems to be the natural you.
Yes, it is an instinctive reaction. Which, in relation to the 7th house, is a problem for many people (partners) - I pack my bags easily. But it makes me happy. LOL

Minderwiz, I asked before but you may have missed it: how about my periods in life - which third is going to be easier and which - harder? I tried to figure out myself but I couldn't. Is it based on the triplicity lords and their dignity?
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