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Hellenistic approaches to forecasts

This is by way of an introduction to the last stage of the process - examining a person's life and possibly making a prediction about what further events will befall them. The modern approach to this is dominated by the use of Transits and Secondary Progressions, usually as a combination of outer planets for the former and Moon and inner planets for the latter.

Other methods that are currently used include Solar Arcs and examination of Solar (and other) Return charts. In reality none of these are really 'modern', transits were used in Hellenistic times, Solar Returns have some links to Hellenistic Astrology, but are really the development of Arabic techniques and Secondary Progressions are a Seventeenth Century invention, by Placidus, and designed to approximate Primary Directions, which were the main forecasting technique of the time, but involved complex mathematics. Whilst the origins of Primary Directions can be traced back to Hellenistic times, the method was really a development of the Arab and Medieval Astrologers. However virtually none of these methods, apart from Transits were used in Hellenistic times.

Instead the Hellenistic Astrologers used methods that would be familiar to practioners of Jyotish (Indian Astrology), at least in principle. They used Time Lords, or planetary periods - each planet in turn taking ruling a period of your life, sometimes aided by other planets who ruled sub periods, which could be broken down to years, months and days. The difference is that whereas, the dashas, have lasted into the present day, the Time Lord systems, died out in medieval times, as the focus was turned onto Primary Directions, Revolutions (Return charts) and Transits.

There are around 43 different dashas, that are in use. In comparison Delphic Oracle offers 63 Time Lord measures, though if variants are excluded this boils down to about 11 or 12 different systems. To make matters more complicated these methods could be used in conjunction, (allowing a fairly large number of combinations, and a huge number if variants are counted separately). Given that we only have a small fraction of the Hellenistic texts, there may be other systems that we just don't know about.

These Time Lord systems would identify the tone of a period (including sub periods) based on the nature of the planet ruling the period and it's strength and placement in your chart. The precise timing of events would come from the use of transits.

I'm not going to use all 11 major systems, mainly because some are very new to me. Instead I'm going to concentrate on 2 systems, which I have at least some familiarity with. The first is Zodiacal releasing and the second is Profections. The first system was used by Chris Brennan to predict the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential election (which he got right LOL) but also allowed him to predict some twists which other forecasters missed. For those interested in his election predictions you can read more at:

I'll cover the main ways in which the techniques were applied in the following posts
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