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Planetary Periods

Most of the Time Lord methods make use of Planetary Periods in some form or other. The Hellenistic Astrologers attributed three periods to each planet, however by far and away the most important are the so called lesser or minor periods. These can be directly tied to astronomical events.

These periods are usually related to the synodic cycle with the Sun, that is the period between conjunctions, taken to a whole number of years.

Thus Saturn has a period of 30 years (synodic period 29.46 years)

Jupiter has a period of 12 years (synodic cycle 11.86 yeas)

For Mars the number is 15 years (during 15 years there are 7 conjunctions of Mars and Sun)

For Venus it is 8 years (in exactly every 8 years there are 5 conjunctions of Venus and the Sun)

For Mercury the number is 20 years (in 20 years there are 63 conjunctions of Sun and Mercury)

For the Sun, the number is 19 years - that being the length in whole years of the Metonic cycle between New Moons or Full Moons in the same sign

For the Moon the number is 25 years, there being 309 Conjunctions of Sun and Moon in 25 years.

The same numbers can be used for months or days. So when looking at months, Saturn's period would be 30 months, or Mars' period would be 15 months.

For calculation purposes this can become quite complicated because the Egyptians used a month of exactly 30 days, giving a 12 month year of 360 days (with 5 intercalary days added to make 365). Factor in the true year of 365.25636 days and manual calculations can be difficult.

However, you can see the results easily using the freebie program Aphesis available for download at:

This will give you the dates of periods using a modern calendar.

It's a small program and should be easy to install and run, though I know Kalliope has had problems with it. I've run it on 3 computers with three different versions of Windows and I haven't had issues. So try it and see if it runs for you. Then you can double check the periods I come up with and even investigate your own periods.

So in summary the periods are:

Saturn 30 (years, months, days)
Jupiter 12
Mars 15
Sun 19
Venus 8
Mercury 20
Moon 25

And of course, you could just sit back and let me supply the dates for you.
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