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Profections are based on a cycle of 12 years. Your natal chart is incremented by one sign in every year, thus your Ascendant and planets pass through the entire zodiac during thE 12 year cycle. At the end of the 12 years the cycle begins afresh.

In Hellenistic times profections were annual, monthly, daily and indeed hourly. For example when you were born if, your Ascendant was 23 degree 14 minutes Scorpio. On your first birthday, by profection it would shift to 23, 14 Sagittarius, on your second birthday to 23, 14 Capricorn, on your third to 23, 14 Aquarius and so on till on your twelfth birthday it returns to 23, 14 Scorpio.

Using the above example If your Ascendant has shifted to 23, 14 Aquarius, then, using whole sign houses, it will be the affairs of the fourth House of your natal chart that will be highlighted. This does not mean that every 12 years the same fourth house issues come up. The fourth covers a variety of topics. So in one cycle the home may be the focus but in the next it might be your family or parents. Moreover transits can bring shades of difference, even if the same particular areas recur.

By the Seventeenth Century the months, weeks and days of the year were examined by directing the Ascendant (and usually the Sun, Moon, MC and Lot of Fortune) by moving it a rate of approximately 1/12 of a degree per day, such that over the year it moved one whole sign. The aspects made by the profected Ascendant (or planet, identified the key days of the year).

In Hellenistic times the system was different for the months, weeks and days. This was done by dividing the period into 12ths and moving the Ascendant by 1/12 per period. So for example, if we take months, in an Aquarius year, the first month is also Aquarius, the second is Pisces, the third Aries, the fourth Taurus, etc. The count starts at your birthday, so if you were born on July 4th, the month would be 4th July - 3 August, the second would be a Pisces month, from 4th August to 3rd September, and so on.. It's possible to subdivide the month into days, so in an Aquarius year your birthday would by Aquarius Year), Aquarius (Month) Aquarius (Day), the next day would be Aquarius, Aquarius, Pisces.

In essence this focuses attention on the signs and therefore the houses. The affairs of each day are derived from the house of the sign whose day it is. Aspects would relate to the sign ruler both natally and by transit. Similarly transits of the sign might well be important, and something not met in modern Astrology, if the sign/house is empty, it could still be transited by aspect. That means that even if you had no planets in Pisces, during the second month of the year, any transiting planet that cast an aspect into Pisces, could still have an impact. So if Saturn were transiting Virgo, it would cast it's opposition into Pisces, and the affairs of your fifth House would be affected by that aspect (during that month).

At any one time, you could have three houses affected, the annual one in which the profected Ascendant had move, the monthly one and even a daily one. Indeed As the rulers of those three houses would themselves be active, this could double the number of active houses, either by sign or by transit. It is something of a mistake to believe that the Hellenisitic Astrologers, only allowed one house to be active at any one time. But remember the transits would directly related to the house being considered.

Some of the Hellenistic Astrologers, such as Vettius Valens, had quite sophisticated systems of profection, using not only the Ascendant, but the Sun and Moon, planets and event houses (i.e. the topical areas of your natal chart). I'm going to keep it to the simple level using the Ascendant but you should realise that there is much more that could be done with profections.
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