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Stage 3 Reading for Ana's Song

Originally Posted by Ana's Song View Post
Minderwiz, since Ronia's already had a livelihood/career Stage 3 reading, how about looking at my love relationships for my Stage 3? This should be a pretty easy to target and go into detail, rather than for my career?
Ana you don't know what you got me into LOL. I've spent quite some time reading Adult-Rated Astrology, some of it XXX rating I never knew there were lecherous Signs and Decans but as this is a family site I better be very careful and avoid direct quotes.

So, as you would expect the seventh House is a place to examine and also Venus, plus the Lots of Fortune, Spirit, Eros and Marriage

The Seventh House is ruled by Mercury, whichi is in the second House and is therefore averse to the Horizon. (1st/7th axis). Mercury is in none of his own dignities but is under the Sun's beams. To the right it is sextiled by Jupiter and squared by Saturn and Mars. As Mercury tends to signify destabilising influences this is not a particularly good start to the examination. If we allow this as a Day birth, then at least Saturn should not be a malefic influence, as it is in it's own Exaltation. But Mars,' square is not good and Jupiter's sextile is not really enough to offset the Square from Mars.

That being said the seventh does not receive any squares or oppositions. It's trine by Venus and the Moon from the Right and from Saturn and Mars from the Left. Mars will not be a good influence but a trine is better than a square or opposition. Venus and the Moon will be beneficial and even Saturn is likely to be a reasonable influence. So for the seventh as a whole things are not very stable (through Mercury and Mars) but there are some good affects (through Moon and Venus).

Venus is placed in the third, a cadent House but she is sextiled by Fortune in the Ascendant. Venus is ruled by Saturn, which trines it from it's own Sign of Libra, where Saturn is exalted. There is a mutual reception here by sign, by sign and both planets are in the Bounds of Venus, so there is a definite affinity in this chart.

The third is the House of the Goddess, and Venus here can have gifts of prophecy. Venus is with the Moon, who joys in the House of the Goddess. This conjunction may suggest marriages with someone from the mother's family, though usually Mercury would need to be in aspect.

The trine from Saturn, adds moderation and mercy, and know for good and modest behaviour. The square from Mars, though might indicate some trouble with men, leading to behaviour that is out of character. Which I suppose means you need to be careful in your choices.

The conjunction with the Moon, is said to make the natives, handsome, agreeable and distinguished and offers the opportunity of success. However it's a sign that marriages may be unstable (because of the changeability of the Moon) and therefore require quite a bit of effort to maintain.

The square to Venus from Jupiter, from the right. This is said to bring many friends and is associated with activities that protect women.

Dorotheus advises that we should check the Trigon Lords of Venus when assessing the chances of marriage. If these are in angular or succedent houses the chances of marriage are high.

In your case Venus is in the Air triplicity, so the Trigon Lords are Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Saturn and Mercury Are indeed in succedent houses (11th and 2nd) but Jupiter is in a Cadent house(12th). So no guarantee but good prospects.

The next stage is to look at the various Lots.

Your Lot of Fortune is well placed in the first House but its ruler Jupiter is in the twelfth, cadent from it.

Your Lot of Spirit is in the second house, which is a succedent house and is ruled by Saturn, which is in its exaltation and the house of Good Spirit.

Both Lots are well placed, Spirit has the more strongly placed ruler and is sextiled by Jupiter and squared by Saturn. The Lot of Spirit signifies your mind, soul, intellect. What you choose to do and how you try to influence your environment. Here that is done carefully and firmly and with the very best of intentions.

Other Lots that we can consider are:

Eros - which deals with relationships. These relationships are not just romantic but will included friendships

Marriage - which has obvious connotations of long term relationships

Husband - the marriage partner

The trouble is that the measures of these Lots vary with authors. This is not just a randome or personmal preference but may indicate a different view of the nature of the subject of the Lot. As the Hellenistic periiod lasted over 600 years, it's not surprising that the way in which the Lots were calculated or used, changed over that time period.

I have found the following sets for each of the above mentioned Lots:


I have found three different measures, giving three different answers :

Two are in Aquarius
One is in Scorpio
One is in Capricorn

This means that three out of the four have Saturn as the ruler. Two lie in the third house, one in the second.


There are four different measures of marriage for women

Two of them lie in Virgo - tenth house ruled by Mercury
One lies in Aries, ruled by Mars
One lies in Leo ruled by the Sun.

The one in Aries, seems to give a more contractual or binding view of marriage, as it uses Saturn and Venus. The one in Leo is a more sensual view, using Venus and Mars. The ones in Virgo use the same calculation for day and night and one of them is the day version of the Aries Lot - So I'll use all three

There are two general Lots of marriage, which apply to both men and women

The first falls into Virgo and whilst not at the same degree will effectively be the same as the Virgo Lots for Women above.

The second is in Capricorn and is effectively the same as the Eros Lot in that sign.


This is the same as the Aries Lot for Marriage above.


The following sign/houses seem to be relevant to your relationships

Aquarius ruled by Saturn - 3rd House

Capricorn ruled by Saturn - 3rd House

Aries ruled by Mars - 5th House

Virgo - ruled by Mercury 10th House

Leo ruled by the Sun - 9th House


Aries and Capricorn are places, Virgo is angualar amd Leo and Aquarius are caden (though both configured to the Ascendant). The Capricorn Lots are with the Lot of Spirit and so suggest relationships that are more soul or mind based - you are looking for a soul mate. This is emphasiised by Saturn in the house of Good Spirit. The Aquarius Lots are avese to Spirit but are configured to Fortune - Even though both signs are ruled by Saturn, the Aquarius Lots indicted that your desire for relationships is not solely based on the nedd for a soul mate but reflects your more earthly needs as well. Saturn as a unifying force here, keeps the focus on relationships needing to satisfy your soul as well as your body. Though Saturn also gives a practical dimension.

The Aries Lots lie in the House of Good Fortune - which is also associated with Children. Mars is in the House of Good fortune but opposes these Lots that it rules. It this adds a difficulty where children are concerned, it is mitigated by Jupiter trining the Lots and Venus and the Moon sextiling them. There is a clear benefic nature to these Lots In modern terms you love romance, even if it brings the odd difficulty or 'hurt'

The Virgo Lots are ruled by Mercury who also rules the Seventh place. As Virgo is your tenth whole sign house, it's possible that you might seek a work mate as a partner, or someone you meet through work.

The Leo lot returns us to the upper hemisphere and the realms of the Soul. Leo is your ninth House the House of the God. the Sun is rising and it's illumination is going to fill the upper hemisphere with light. Again it seems to emphasise your need for a soul mate. Possibly on an instinctive level here because the Lot of Spirit opposes it as do Venus and the Moon. This Lot is based on instinct rather than mind.

There seem to be many influences on your Love Life, but overall it seems that for you, finding a soul mate is very important, though not to the exclusion of everything else. This could make selecting a long term partner more difficult, , especially given Mercuiry's role as Ruler of the Seventh Place, and it's position under the beams.- - making it difficult to see clearly.

Venus though is not badly afflicted or weak in dignity and sextiles the Lot of Fortune and the Ascendant. The relationship between Venus and Saturn is important in your chart. It not only is the basis of more than one Lot it is one of mutual reception and also by bounds. Saturn rules a number of the Lots and holds promise.
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