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PNA for Jessyboo92 - Part 1

Your Ascendant is in Sagittarius, and the Sun is below the horizon in the fifth house, so this is a nocturnal birth. Your Ascendant ruler is Jupiter which is placed in the tenth House in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. The first steps are to examine each of these two planets.


Jupiter is strongly placed in the tenth House using Whole Sign Houses, and Jupiter is Rising (free from the Sun's beams) but Jupiter is Retrograde, and is in none of its own dignities, though being in the Decan of the Sun, it is in the place of a sectmate. Its overall fitness level is reduced through retrogradation and having little dignity to act well. It is also the out of sect benefic, as this is a nocturnal chart.

Jupiter is in a 'Foreign Trigon', meaning that it is not one of the Triplicity Rulers for the Earth Triplicity and it does not make any phase changes with the Sun around your birthday. In a quadrant house system Jupiter would show up in the ninth house, if you used a quadrant system, so it is not near an astronomical angle. This suggests that Jupiter has low energy.

Jupiter is in the eighth House from the Lot of Fortune, and whilst this is a succedent house, there may be issues of Jupiter contributing to your overall health and fortune. Jupiter is separated from the Moon (not in either an applying or separating aspect with her) and in a bicorporeal (mutable) sign, which tend not to be associated with the ability to see things through.

both Rhetorius and Firmicus say that Jupiter in the tenth by night makes honourable and handsome people but ones who may fall victim to being cheated. Firmicus goes on to say that in Virgo it produces courteious, well bred, modest, succesful and faithful people.

Jupiter makes only two aspects, it has oppositions to Mars and Venus, which are placed in the fourth Sign/House of Pisces. Jupiter and Mars in opposition may produced unstable lives and possible disagreements with friends. Jupiter opposed to Venus may adversely affect advancement and promotion. There may be troubles with friends but income is always ikely to increase, modestly.


Mercury is placed in Aries in the fifth House. It is in a succedent House but is Retrograde and under the Sun's beams, it is therefore neither Direct, nor Rising (that is it is not visible in the sky). It does rise above the Horizon before the Sun, and so it is classified as being a Diurnal planet (if it sets after the Sun, it is classified as nocturnal). Mercury is in the Bounds of Jupiter, so it is in the place of a sectmate. In a quadrant house chart, Mercury would be within 5 degrees of the IC, in the third house, so it qualifies as being 'goaded to action' and it has a helical rising one week after you were born. so it is quite busy at this period. It is in a Foreign Trigon, as Mercury has no dignity in the Fire Triplicity.

Mercury is in a cadent House relative to the Lot of Fortune, and is in a separating aspect from the Moon. Mercury is in Aries which is a Cardinal sign. These are at best middling postions relative to completion and seeing things through. Mercury's main problems though are that it is under the beams and retrograde and has no real essential dignity.

Mercury in the fifth is good for making money and long lived and blessed children, when in a Morning rising. At the time of birth, Mercury is astronomically rising before the Sun but cannot be seen, but I don't see any reason to modify those statements much if at all. Mercury in Aries Mercury makes two aspects, both of them are sextiles to planets in Aquarius. As these are earlier in the zodiac than Mercury in all cases they will tend to overcome Mercury (they are the stronger side of the sextile)

Mercury's sextiles are to Saturn and Moon. The waning Moon moving towards Mercury can be a sign of indecision. i.e. difficulties making up your mind. Saturn is in it's own sign of Aquarius, and though it is the out of sect malefic, it might act as a stabilising influnece, if not always for the good.


Moon is the Sect Light and is in the third House of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn and in the Bounds of Jupiter. The Moon is waning, that is it's power is diminishing. In the Bounds of Jupiter it makes the native prosperous, successful and respectable when it is Full, but when waning, it can indicate some misfortunes if care is not taken. As with Saturn the Moon is conjunct the Lot of Fortune and so it may well play an important role in taking advantages of opportunities and avoiding threats.

It is not strongly placed as it's in a cadent house, but it does aspect the Ascendant and the ruler of the Lot of Fortune (Saturn). It has no dignity in Aquarius, nor is it in any of the dignities of a sectmate. It is quite low on Energy but it strong on Completion being with the Lot of Fortune and also being in a Fixed sign.

The Moon is conjunct by sign to Saturn. Indeed it's conjunction with Saturn is close, being less than three degrees. Often the Moon with Saturn was seen as rendering the native prone to fears, usually exaggerated or unfounded. Here Saturn is dignified, so I don't see this as being particularly threatening. Even so, you might need to watch any tendencey to worry without reason., or to feel threatened.

The Moon also sextiles Mercury (already coverd) and the Sun. This can indicated rewards and good fortune, which are more likely to show up if the Moon is waxing and both are free from aspects with malefics and well placed in the chart. I don't think your chart is strong enough to draw this conclusion but this aspect is going to a t least have a positive effect.


The last planet I'll deal with in Part 1 is Saturn, as it is the ruler of the Sect Light and also ruler of the Lot of Fortune. Saturn is in his own sign of Aquarius and positioned in the third House. He aspects the Ascendant, but the third house is cadent. Saturn is Rising and Direct but is not particularly energetic (not angular and has no phase change with the Sun but is in his own Trigon). Being with the Lot of Fortune and in Fixed Sign gives Saturn strong powers of completion and he is in aspect with the Moon withing three degrees.

Saturn is conjunct with Moon, Saturn's conjunction with the Moon has already been mentioned. He also sextiles Mercury which has also been mentioned. Saturn's other aspect is a sextile to the Sun in Aries. In a day chart this is a good aspect, promising promotions during the career and some fame. The same seems to be true of a nocturnal birth but whereas in a day chart it also promises good fortune for the native's parents, here it is supposed to indicate that the native may have to help their parents out by drawing on their own resources. Being in a nocturnal chart, and the out of sect malefic, Saturn is supposed to be the main cause of your problems. Here he is at least in his own sign. So I would not see him as particularly malefic but he might still be a little quirky.

Part 2 to follow
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