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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Minderwiz, how can I know if a second marriage is in the chart? I didn't see any Marriage lot in my analisys, I checked again, where is it and what to look for? Also, I was wondering, since in our today's world legal signing is not mandatory, is there a way to distinguish a legal marriage from a common law or similar? Are they going to appear in the chart as marriages too and should they be assessed the same way as legal marriage? Thanks.
The trouble is that there are at least six different calculations for the Lot of Marriage, from a variety of Astrologers, over 600 years or so.

However, these tend to use the same planets, and points though differently configured. For you I can see

3 of the in Sagittarius
1 in Gemini
1 in Aries
1 in Libra

Four out of the six are in double bodied signs (Sagittarius and Gemini), so I'd take that as a preliminary indicator of more than one marriage.

There's also a 'Lot of the Wedding' which Dorotheus cites, and that too is in Gemini.

I'll have a look to see if there are other indicators mentioned
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