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Dorotheus says that if Venus falls in a bi-corporeal sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) it indicates more than one marriage

He also says that:

...if you want to know how men she will marry, count from the Midheaven to Mars....whatever the number of planets between these two say that this is the number she will marry'

Now this would give an answer of 4 marriages (Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Moon) but he goes on to say:

If you find Venus cadent from the midheaven, say that there is little constancy towards women in men and say similarly in the women with respect to their husbands if you find Mars in the seventh

I taken it that the first part of the sentence relates only to male nativities, so on that score we can ignore your Venus, cadent from the midheaven (that is the tenth whole sign house). But you do have Mars in the seventh, so the latter part of the sentence seems to apply to you.

Now I'm not sure what he means exactly by constancy' here, but the obvious connotation is that your relationships will be relatively short lived.

There is of course absolutely no reason, why he has to be right.
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