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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Oh. Oh. I see the Lots of Marriage are tricky stuff. Then the counting and the four marriages seems a bit too much to me but if we take a serious relationship and common law into account, then I have only one left for the future. By the way, he meant counting backwards? Because if we count from Midheaven towards Ascendant, then only Jupiter is in the way to Mars... Short lived is a relative term, so I'm not concerned. To one a year is short, to another - five.
Hmmm.... an interesting point about the direction of counting But as the MC starts at 0 Libra, you have a point. but that does give, Venus, Sun and Jupiter if we go in the direction of signs rather than the direction of houses (and the diurnal rotation of the Earth). I think your interpreation is probably what he meant, on a re-read.

But Venus is still cadent from the MC and Mars is still in the seventh so the 'lack of constancy' clause still applies and as I read it, that clause allows you to have as many relationships as you want - the only condition appears to be that none of them will be long lived.

Mind you as 'wander lust' kicks in , they will have to face the choice of moving with you or giving up the relationship - at least till you get too old to qualify for travel insurance

Edited to add:

Your Stage 4 is coming up. as I have had no reply from Spiralling for her Stage 3 reading. Ideally I'd like to calibrate my reading for your future events in your past. I tried to do something similar a month or two ago with the data you gave me relating to your employment history. We could try that again, with the aim of a prediction for when you will get employed or we could try a different area, such as health or possibly romance.

Let me know what you prefer and I'll try and work something out.
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